14. Juni 2011 – Day 0

18:30 – 20:00 Early Registration & Ice Breaker

15. Juni 2011 Day 1 (Technical and Operators)

08:30 Registration

09:00 Welcome Note, Peter Stoyanov, Carsten Bullemer & Jürgen Wehnert

Technical & Legal Panel & National Security

09:10 “Shipowners view on AIS“, Dr.-Ing. Volker Koehler, European Community Shipowners Association ECSA / German Shipowners Association VDR, Hamburg, Germany

09:30 “AIS: Innovative technology as a legal challenge to the legislation, the administration and the judiciary – An overview on International, European law and national legal requirements” – Stefan Jenner, Waterways and Shipping Administration of the Federal Government, Kiel, Germany

09:50 “Does proper product testing and IMO Standards compliance matter?“, Simon Tucker, CEO, SRT Marine Technology Limited, UK

11:00 “Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness (C-SIGMA)“, Guy Thomas, Science & Technology Advisor, United States Coast Guard

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 “Using Satellite-AIS as a new data stream for an Integrated Maritime Surveillance Platform” ,Fabritius Gaetan, CLS, Ramonville St Agne – France

11:20 “Polestar” – Julian Longson, Polestar , London, UK

AIS from Space

11:40 “DLR AIS Satellite” – DLR, Susanne Lehner

12:00 “LuxSpace global satellite AIS data service – our experience after 3 years of operation“, Luxspace, Luxemburg, Gerd Eiden

12:30 Lunch

13:40 “Global AIS Coverage by ORBCOMM Satellites“, George Best, ORBCOMM USA

14:00 “Exact Earth Satellite System“, John Allan, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing Exact Earth Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

14:20 “cost-effective maritime surveillance applications using nanosatellites“, ISIS, Delft, Jeroen Rotteveel

Terrestrial AIS Networks

14:40 “marinetraffic.com“, Dimitrios Lekkas, marinetraffic.com

15:00 “AIS HUB“, Peter Stoyanov, AIS HUB, Sliven, Bulgaria

15:20 Coffee Break

15:50 “PORTVISION“, Jason Tieman, Director of Maritime Solutions, Portvision, United States

16:10 “Combining Antenna & Satellite Data“, Martin Leuschner, CTO vesseltracker.com, Hamburg, Germany

16:30 Discussion: “AIS Networks – Antennas vs. Satellites : Competition or Completion ?

17:00 Lets have a beer or two ! (end of 1 Day)

19:30 GALA DINNER : Restaurant Engel

16. Juni 2011 Day 2 (Use Cases)

Commercial Panel

10:00 “INTEGRITY – Container Supply Chain Visibility “, Dr. Kurt Kretzschmar, OHB- Teledata

10:20 “AIS Tracking for Container Lines“, Wolf Scheder-Bieschin, INTTRA

10:40 “AIS Usage for Port Agents” – Felikss Delle, Daugava Shipping Services, Riga, Latvia & Terje Skaug, Gatship, Porsgrun, Norway

11:00 “AIS for Shipreporting Service“, Peter Langbein, Chairman ISRA

11:20 Coffee Break

11:50 “Shipbrokers usage of AIS” – Axsmarine, Paris, France

12:10 “Creating Commodities tools with AIS data“, John Paskin, Commodity Flow, London, UK

SAR & Enviromental

12:30 “SAARPSCO“, Hans J. Niebergall, President, SAARPSCO, Seychelles

12:50 “AIS more than position reports“, David Smith, BuoyTech, Southampton, UK

13:10 “AIS S.A.R.T.“, Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, Weatherdock, Nürnberg, Germany

13:30 Lunch

15:00 Final – MS&D – Walkabout Goodbye etc.

16:30 Boat Tour Hamburg Port with Beer on Board

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