AIS Summit 2015

The AIS Summit is the world leading conference on AIS ship tracking technology.

The third edition of the AIS Summit will be held on Thursday, 7 May 2015 and Friday, 8 May 2015 in Hamburg, Germany.

The topic of the 2015 edition of the conference will be:

Big Data in ship tracking

The conference tries to offer a wide range of talks on the topic, covering technological background, success stories from the industry and new or future use cases.

Big Data in Ship Tracking


Through technological advancements, the amount of data retrieved from ship tracking and data related sources has been growing enormously in recent years.

The amount of data is getting to much for traditional methods of storing and analyzing.

New technologies emerging under the umbrella of “Big Data” make it possible to handle large volumes of data in real time and at a high level of detail.

Being able to analyse the world wide ship traffic and related information in real time and in great detail offer a wide range of new applications. The new technologies have the potential to bring new, yet unknown insights and to open up new opportunities.

If you want to contribute to the conference with a presentation of your product, your achievements or news in the area of AIS, please see our call for papers.


The conference will be held in Hamburg, Germany.

774px-Hamburg-Rathaus-Rathausmarkt RK_1009_9908_Alster CTB-CTW_Port_of_Hamburg-Waltershof
Heidas Reinhard Kraasch Sebastian Warneke from Deutschland/Germany

Hamburg is the maritime center of Germany and one of the main maritime hubs of the world. Many shipping companies are located in Hamburg with their offices. Hamburg has a long lasting seafarer’s tradition. Every corner breathes the city’s claim as being the “Gateway to the world”.