Partner Country 2015: USA

The United States of America have the second longest coastline of the world (more than 133,312 km). The country’s huge landmasses lay well bedded between the two largest oceans, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.
Yet only a rather small percentage of the country has direct access to the oceans; but still, the country is a big maritime nation.

USA_trade The United States are the strongest economy of the world and are amongst the largest global import and export nations. They are amongst the leading countries worldwide with regards to imports and exports. The major international trade routes with Europe and Asia span the two biggest oceans, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Most of the goods and commodities that enter or leave the country are transported by ship. Domestic transportation rests heavily on the more than 20,000 km navigable inland water ways and the extensive shipping network on the great lakes.

From a historical perspective the United States are an immigrant country. Many of immigrants have entered the country after a long and burdensome ocean crossing by boat. Crossing the ocean and sailing the sea was a journey full of promises.

Then and today, the oceans and the sea play a vital role in the life of the United States.


AIS SUMMIT is happy to announce that the United States are the partner country of the 2015 edition of the conference.